Peppertree Bay welcomes guests to enjoy the vibrant paradise of Siesta Key. Dig your toes into our award-winning white sand beaches and soak up the sun with us!
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Bayside Condos

Where is Siesta Key Bay?

Siesta Key Bay is the section of water between the Florida mainland peninsula and the island of Siesta Key on the western Gulf Coast side of the Sunshine State. Siesta Key is so famous that a reality TV show was named after it. All our rentals on Siesta Key are monthly condo units. If you have never taken a 4-week vacation before, we have the perfect guide to get you started.

With nearly 30 Bayside condos and half a dozen Bayfront condos, there’s something for everyone who prefers to stay on the quieter, Bayside of Siesta Key.

All three varieties of our monthly rentals are available on the Gulfside: Garden Villa Condos, Townhouses, and Mid-Rise Units. All our Bayfront condos are also on the Bayside.