Siesta Key Beach Boutique: The Beach Bazaar

The Beach Bazaar is the definitive beachside boutique and swimwear shop on Siesta Key. If you need anything related to your vacation, at all, this is the place to get it.

From awesome swimsuits to funky and eclectic beach towels, the Beach Bazaar is the ultimate answer to anything beachy. So what can we expect when you walk in these big double doors and see all the merchandise and gear lined up along the walls? We cover our favorite beach stop and everything it houses.

Outside view of Beach Bazaar Siesta Key

Beach Souvenirs

The first great thing about the Bazaar is that you can find just about all you need for take-home souvenirs and gifts. The shop is filled with fun and affordable trinkets related to Siesta Key, including magnets, bottles of sand, and cards. Other souvenir items include stickers, photo frames with dolphin and manatee, shells with engravings, mugs, and glasses, and lots and lots of candy. There’s a lot to find if it relates right to Siesta Key. This makes it the ideal stop if you want to stock up on a few affordable gifts for acquaintances and family.

The Beach Bazaar, when you get right down to it, is about awesome beach-themed clothing. You will find all the Siesta Key related t-shirts and pun shirts you could ever possibly ask for. Just request a certain size if you can’t find what you want. The bazaar specializes in beach tanks and white shirts because it’s Florida, after all.

There are also other apparel options, such as hats and sunglasses. Get a combination for the perfect matching look. The shop has racks of shirts, usually black, gray, pink, blue, and yellow. The bazaar definitely adopts that strong beach vibe so you will fit right in on the sandy beaches of Siesta Key.

Beach Gear

Forgot something back at home for the beach? The Beach Bazaar has you set to go. You can stock up on any number of necessary beach items. The shop stocks different Sun Bum lotions, creams, and sprays for you to stay safe and protected under that rough Florida sun. There are also cool gadgets and beach gear items to get the most out of your day on the sand. This includes a cool umbrella pull-in, different clips to hang and organize towels, protective packages for phones, sunglasses, and wallets, and lightweight backpacks to fit all you need.

Looking for an American flag towel? How about one with a pug? Looking for a funny quote? The Beach Bazaar likes to include all sorts of different towels to keep things fresh and fun. Stop in throughout your stay to see what they have featured.

Finally, we recommend some interesting and often crazy water toys for all ages. There are Waverunner balls for pool volleyball or water skimming. The beach football is great for having an impromptu game on the sand- just watching for nearby sunbathers!

This famous beach shop has a whole lot of character packed between its walls. You can definitely find some oddities too, like alligator heads and other Florida gift favorites.

The Beach Bazaar gives you everything you need to have a fantastic and fulfilling beach vacation. It’s not the only beach boutique on the key. Spend a little time at the CaliFlorida Surf and Skate Shop. It has real high-quality surfboards if you want something local, as well as plenty of skate decks with a little Siesta Key flavor.

There is a lot of really handy stuff to make your beach days a lot easier. We have a variety of waterfront vacation rentals so you can access the beach any time you want. A lot of these beach gear items also apply for the pool. Thankfully, you have the choice to hit the pool or the water!

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