10 Popular Shops of Siesta Key Village || Peppertree Bay

10 Popular Shops of Siesta Key Village

After all the fun in the sun, you deserve a break from the beach to go shopping in Siesta Key. Siesta Village has a huge number of fun beach-inspired shops to choose from – located within walking distance from many... Read more

Fine Arts Galleries to Visit On or Near Siesta Key || Peppertree Bay

Fine Arts Galleries to Visit On or Near Siesta Key

While Siesta Key is well-known for its incredible beaches, it has a vibrant arts community as well. Enter the artistic world of Siesta Key during your next trip here and experience a wide range of unique galleries, creative local pieces,... Read more

Spend the Day on Siesta Key with Your Valentine || Peppertree Bay on Siesta Key

Spend the Day on Siesta Key with Your Valentine

Whether you’re staying at one of the Siesta Key vacation rentals or coming from Sarasota, a day on Siesta Key is the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day with your significant other. Siesta Key beaches are routinely named some of... Read more

man running on the beach

Best Ways to Be Active at Turtle Beach Campground

Camping at Turtle Beach is a fantastic way to spend this year’s family vacation. A little more rugged than a hotel, this campground is perfect for a first-time family camping trip, whether you’re looking for week-long accommodations or a night... Read more

boys fishing on a boat

Florida’s Top 10 Fish to Catch

Ask any fishing enthusiast and you are bound to find one universal matter of agreement: Florida has some of the best fishing spots in the world. Its close proximity to tropical waters and overall accessibility to hundreds of fishing spots,... Read more

The Old Siesta Key Fishing Pier

Can You Still Fish Off the Old Siesta Key Fishing Pier?

Right below the furthest western tip of Siesta Key sits an old dilapidated pier. It leaves a lot to be desired at a quick glance, with its rugged nature and modest gaps in the construction. But, this pier is a... Read more

Beach Art for Sale | Peppertree Bay on Siesta Key

Top 5 Places to Purchase Island Art on Siesta Key

Siesta Key has a vibrant arts community that many visitors don’t expect. From high-end paintings to traditional art, Old Florida prints and a variety of handmade crafts, Siesta Key art has a unique and eclectic flavor that can only be... Read more

Tampa Bay Rays

Professional Sports Teams in Southern Florida

Peppertree Bay Florida vacation rentals allow you to stay at Siesta Key Beach and enjoy all of the exciting water sports in and around the Gulf of Mexico. Visit us for access to the finest sports activities in southern Florida, such... Read more

Rent a pontoon boat at CB's Outfitters

CB’s Saltwater Outfitters Rents 8 Different Kinds of Boats

Boating and fishing are huge passions in southwest Florida. If you’re visiting Sarasota or Siesta Key, you can rent one of eight kinds of boats at CB’s Saltwater Outfitters. If you’re thinking of staying in Siesta Key for a month,... Read more

Where to Have Fun in a Vibrant Cultural Arts Community

It’s easy to forget that there is more to New York than the city…more to California than Wine and Guacamole…and more than just beaches at Siesta Key. Although it’s true that Siesta Key does boast some of the finest beaches... Read more

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