Thanksgiving Dinner in Siesta Key Favorites Turkey

3 Restaurants for a Thanksgiving Meal in Siesta Key

Thanksgiving is undoubtedly one of the most exciting times of the year: a time to gather with loved ones, make memories, and share good food. For many, it’s traditional to celebrate the holiday from the comfort of their own homes... Read more

Ice cream from the Orange Octopus in Siesta Key, FL

Amish Baked Good and More at the Orange Octopus in Siesta Key

Siesta Key is world-renowned for its incredible beach but has plenty of other attractions for the whole family to enjoy. The town of Sarasota has regular cultural events, and there are plenty of outdoor activities available, such as kayaking or... Read more

Huge steak dish at Summer House Restaurant in Siesta Key Village, FL

Have You Tried the New Summer House Restaurant in Siesta Village Yet?

The reviews are in, and Summer House Restaurant is among the best fine dining in Siesta Key. The restaurant opened its doors in just 2018 and has grown in popularity ever since. Named after a famous Siesta Key restaurant from... Read more

Delicious fish tacos from Siesta Key's top restaurant the Old Salty Dog

Top 3 Delightful Restaurants in the Siesta Key Village

Of all the things to do in Siesta Key Village, we most recommend exploring the best Siesta Key restaurants. Between lounging on the beach, witness the beauty of the nature around you, and shopping for the perfect souvenir, you’re bound... Read more

Made in Rome Organic Gelato offers unique flavor selections with high-quality organic ingredients, meaning you can indulge without any guilt

Fun Dining in Siesta Key: Waterfront, Romance, and Dessert

When you’re looking for a place to eat during your Siesta Key vacation, here are a few options that will take you to the water’s edge, to a blissful romantic experience, or a dessert made in Rome. Happy dining! Waterfront... Read more

Where to Eat in Turtle Beach: A Really Simple Restaurant Guide

Perhaps one of the best parts of vacation is getting to experience the unique cuisine of the area. Florida is known for its fresh seafood and globally inspired selections, giving everyone a chance to try something they’ll love. In Siesta... Read more

Plan Your Vacation Meals || Peppertree Bay || Siesta Key

Cooking Your Meals for a Four-Week Vacation

Take a four-week long escape to the wonderful shores of Siesta Key. You can see the countless sights and spend all your days lounging along the many beaches. But amidst all the fun and excitement, remember to plan for your... Read more

What's the difference between imitation crab and authentic crab? || Peppertree Bay

What’s the Difference Between Authentic and Imitation Crab?

Crab is like a perplexing puzzle for so many people. They don’t always know how to eat it. They don’t know where it comes from, what it should taste like, and what makes good crab in the first place. It’s... Read more

How to Properly Eat Crab Legs and Lobster || Peppertree Bay Monthly Rentals in Siesta Key

How to Properly Eat Crab Legs and Lobster

Imagine this scenario. A visitor is in a place they aren’t extremely familiar with. They want to live a bit like the locals and join in the fun. It doesn’t take long to realize they may have made a terrible... Read more

International Cuisine on Siesta Key || Peppertree Bay || Monthly Rentals on Siesta Key

International Cuisine with 5 of Siesta Key’s Restaurants

Most visitors to Siesta Key come for the white quartz sands, the local shops, restaurants and nightlife destinations of Siesta Village and ocean adventures. However, Siesta Key also has an impressive array of international dining options for an island of... Read more

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