Best Bird Watching Spots in and Around Siesta Key

For many travelers, a vacation is about places to relax, to indulge, and to get away from the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives. However, some like to get back into nature, explore areas they have never seen before, and discover species of plants and animals they never knew existed. For those wishing to have both, we implore you to discover the wonders of Siesta Key.

The white sandy beaches, the salty sea breeze rolling off the warm emerald waters of the Gulf, and the sea birds that have made our little part of Florida their home is more than enough to draw you in.  

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Save Our Seabirds

Many of our seabirds are on the endangered species list due to the constant change in climate and their habitats being destroyed for more and more land development. This is why Florida, and namely Siesta Key and surrounding areas, have put up various sanctuaries and parks in place to help ensure their survival. The Save Our Seabirds learning center in Sarasota is one of the leading learning centers in the area teaching all about the various seabirds in Siesta Key that call our shores home and what we can do to help protect them! 

Siesta Beach

Why travel when you can birdwatch right on the beaches near your Siesta Key bayside rental? The best time to head out is in the early morning when the birds have flocked to the beach due to lessened human activity. You will catch glimpses of Sandpipers running along the beach and some Egrets and Spoonbills floating in the surf as well! 

Red Bug Slough Preserve

Known for its mesic hammock habitat, the Red Bug Slough Preserve is home to many different species of seabirds, including the Kingfisher, Heron, and even Wood Ducks. The developed trail system makes it an easy walk, and you are sure to catch a glimpse of many different birds and other Siesta Key wildlife as well!

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Pinecraft Park

Another area with a mesic hammock habitat is Pinecraft Park. The park is situated on 15 acres of land. Due to the trees present (elms, hickories, and oaks), this southern part of Florida feels more northern due to the high canopies. During the spring, you are sure to see Thrushes, Wrens, Warblers, and Flycatchers, as well as many other migratory birds that pass through!

Crowley Museum and Nature Center

This Museum and Nature Center has more than two miles of trails that go through five native habitats. Due to the various habitats, you are sure to find a few birds that you may not have seen in the other areas. The area is known for the shorebirds you would expect but has also been visited by hawks and even bald eagles and barred owls. 


Oscar Scherer State Park

With more than 12 miles of hiking and birding trails with the park, Oscar Scherer State Park is a large and unique area. Home to one of the densest populations of Florida Scrub-Jays, the habitat is managed mainly for these birds. You can enjoy some cooler walks beside the South Creek and enjoy the various migratory birds that you can find including warblers and vireos. 

Myakka River State Park

One of Florida’s largest state parks is Myakka River State Park. This park will keep you busy for the entire day. You can walk the trails or drive through the 7-mile scenic hammocks and marshes. There are lots of ducks and other wading birds found in the park, as well as shorebirds and even eagles. 

Where to Stay

With so many places to go birding, your only thing left to do is find an amazing place to call home for your stay in Siesta Key. Lucky for you, Peppertree Bay is ready and waiting to help you find an amazing place to call home. We suggest a siesta key pool rental, giving you the luxury of an amazing rental unit and the convenience of having a pool right outside your door! These condos are what vacationing was made for! Simply call 941.349.7777 and let our team book you in for your next amazing vacation.

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