The Best Thing About Sea Turtles in Siesta Key

If your idea of a relaxing vacation includes sunset walks on the beach, exploring local shops, and lounging around by your own private pool, then you’ve come to the right place! Siesta Key is an incredible location that has everything a vacationer could ever want. What’s even better is that our bay resort offers everything that you could ever hope for in a Siesta Key vacation property!

However, these turquoise waters and sandy beaches also call out to a different type of vacationer: sea turtles. These amazing creatures call our sandy beaches and tepid waters home for half of the year, and as such, there are some things you need to know about them to make your beach vacation in Siesta Key more enjoyable!

Sea turtle swimming by fish

Varieties of Sea Turtles in Florida

There are five main species of sea turtle that you may be lucky enough to glimpse while walking along, or near, the beach. The first is the Loggerhead, named for its block-like head. They are among the larger turtles that you will see, with adults weighing an average of 275 pounds. Up next is the Green Turtle, named for their green bodies. For a point of reference, Crush from Finding Nemo was a Green Turtle! These are also larger turtles, weighing in at roughly 350 pounds. Rounding out the large turtles is the Leatherback, known for their leather-covered backs that look like shells. They have been known to live on a diet of soft and slippery prey, such as jellyfish.

They average 6 feet in length and can weigh up to 1,500 pounds!

The Kemp Ridley turtle is the rarest sea turtle, and if you have a chance to see one, you should consider yourself lucky! They are the most endangered, and they often nest on the shores of Mexico, but some have been seen in Florida in recent years. They are relatively small, weighing in at 85 to 100 pounds. Finally, we have the Hawksbill Turtle. This turtle is small and agile, with a shell that is gorgeous, and as such, is the prize for many jewelers, making these beautiful creatures endangered. They are the most tropical of sea turtles, and are also on the smaller side, weighing roughly 200 pounds. 

When is Turtle Season and Why is it Important?

Nesting season for sea turtles is from May 1st to August 1st, and about 90% of all sea turtle nesting in the United States takes place on Florida’s beaches. As such, we have some rules that you need to keep in mind in order to ensure the safety of these gorgeous animals. First of all, turtles follow the moonlight to help them return to the waters after hatching, and bright lights from your beachfront properties can interfere and often confuse the turtles. We ask that sea turtle-friendly lights are being used, or no lights at all. 

sea turtle swimming around

After enjoying your day on the beach, try to be mindful of knocking down sandcastles and filling in holes. These become obstacles for the turtles and can cause serious issues. Do your part to ensure that raccoons and other pests are kept at bay. These pests are attracted by us but then feast on the turtle eggs. Finally, do not interfere with the nesting or hatching process. Helping a sea turtle to the water interferes with the imprinting that they do on our beaches. It is also illegal to touch sea turtles under Federal and State laws. 

Movies Featuring Turtles

Once you have enjoyed your day on Siesta Key’s white sand beaches, and perhaps spotted a few turtles yourself, why not head back to your incredible condo and watch a few movies featuring them? Finding Nemo, Shark Tale, and Finding Dory, all dive deep under the water and showcase some glorious marine life. Finding Nemo and Finding Dory also boast that 1 out of every 6 creatures you see in the film is endangered. You can take some time to learn about them and what you can do to help out! If all of this sounds incredible, and you want to learn more, or perhaps even book one of our amazing beachfront condos on Siesta Key, then what are you waiting for? We have customer service representatives waiting for your call! Dial 941.349.7777 now and book your next vacation with us.

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